5 Common Signs of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is one of the lesser known and talked about addictions. This is due in large part because people aren’t very comfortable discussing sex. Also, many people don’t understand that this is a real addiction, with painful and sever consequences. Despite the lack of discussion about sex addiction, it is a growing problem. The availability of Internet porn on computers, laptops and mobile devices makes it easy for people that are vulnerable to addictions to get sucked in. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify some of the common signs of this addiction.1. Risk of Damaging or Losing RelationshipsSex addicts tend to shut themselves off from others as their addiction grows. This is in order to engage in their addictive behaviors more frequently as well as to keep it a secret. They become anxious and even agitated when they cannot engage in their compulsive behaviors and will push others, including loved ones away. If you notice that your partner or loved one is becoming increasingly isolated from you and the rest of your family, it may be an indication of sex addiction.2. Leading a Double LifeIn order to keep their secret, addicts tend to try to balance their normal lives with their sexually addictive behaviors. At the start, they may be able to keep up this balancing act, but as their addiction spirals out of control, partners, family members and friends will begin to see signs of a double life. While keeping certain sexual activities secret from a partner may be harmless, it also may be worth evaluating in relation to the other signs. Catching an addiction early can help prevent a long recovery and some severe consequences.3. Unable to Stop Despite a Strong DesireThis is a definite sign of addiction. Someone who wished to stop his or compulsive behaviors but can’t, even when facing dire consequences, has a sex addiction. Unlike the other signs, this one is easy to spot. Unfortunately, once this sign is identified, it is too late. He or she will already be hooked and will require professional help in the form of a recovery program combined with individual and group therapy.4. Escalation of the Addictive BehaviorsSex addiction, like other addictions, escalates over time. What may have started out as a pleasurable and seemingly harmless porn viewing from time to time will become all-consuming. You may find yourself viewing increasingly explicit porn. Porn that would have been offensive at the start will become arousing and exciting. The escalation may lead to acting out sexually in many different and once unthinkable ways. If you identify an escalation in sexual behaviors in yourself or a loved one, it is important to get help.5. Legal and Financial ProblemsAs sex addictions escalate, they can cause addicts to engage in illegal sexual activities such as sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexual assault and even rape. This can lead to severe legal consequences. Likewise, an out of control and escalating addiction can lead to serious financial consequences. Sex is a multi-billion dollar industry and addictions can become expensive with illicit relationships, adult chat lines, prostitutes, hotel bills and any number of other sex related expenses. Out of control spending combined with potential job loss due to poor work performance can lead to severe financial difficulties.While these signs are common indications of sex addiction, they may not mean that you or a loved one has an addiction. It is not uncommon for people to view pornography, for example, but if the overall list of signs adds up, or you feel that you or a loved one has an addiction, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. Getting help early on in an addiction can prevent a great deal of painful emotional, financial and legal consequences that go along with sex addiction.