Adult Acne Products – Do They Work?

Although we usually think of acne as a problem for teenagers, many mature adults are troubled by acne flare ups as well. It’s a common enough problem that the skin care industry has responded by producing a lot of adult acne products.Probably because they are for the adult market, adult acne skin care products can be quite expensive. I’ve seen some adult acne product “systems” that cost hundreds of dollars.The question is do adult acne products work and are they worth the price?Let’s say they’re OK and leave it at that. If money is no object, go ahead and give them a try. But most adults can get as good or better results by less expensive methods.The Basics of Adult Acne CareMost adults troubled by acne have oily skin, so proper skin washing and hygiene are important.Diet also makes a difference, as does the amount of stress a person is under and how they manage it. Hormones levels are part of why acne bothers teens and changes in hormone levels can be a factor in adults as well.Pay attention to those factors. It’s definitely worth trying some of the basic OTC preparations, especially ones containing benzol peroxide. These are inexpensive and often quite effective.If you don’t clear up with these measures, I think it is a good idea as well as more cost effective to have at least an initial consultation with a dermatologist before you try a very expensive adult acne product that may or may not work for you.Be ready to discuss your health in general. Also be sure to mention what treatments you’ve tried and how you responded. If there are some adult acne products that you’re thinking about using, ask the doctor if they think the products are appropriate for your skin type and condition. It might help to bring a list of ingredients in each product with you for the doctor to review.If you have a simple case of acne that is unsightly but painless, then a doctor visit is optional. However if your acne is painful, has nodules that never seem to burst and makes your skin itchy, sore and red, then please consult a dermatologist. You may need prescription medications and ointments.